If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail!


Planning is your map to your destination!!

My biggest mistake going in was the fact that I had no real plan.

Like many others I thought I could just walk in and “get on with it”. After all, didn’t they tell me that it should be easy and that anyone can do it?

I had this crazy habit of getting ideas, running with them and not thinking of the outcome.

I still do it to this day, but I’ve learned to turn that weakness into a strength (more on that later).
This is what you need to do to get results a lot faster than I did:

- Create a real plan of action.

I mean plan what you will do in order to build your business.

Everything from what business opportunity you will join, to how many hours you will work daily and how much money you can realistically invest monthly to build your business.

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If you only learn one skill.. It should be this one

The skill I’m talking about is the art of being YOURSELF and learning to connect with people.

The people on the other side of that computer screen have real problems, they have plans and they just need help. When I first started out in this industry I watched everyone spamming their email list with a new offer everyday with no real care in the world except to extract peoples credit cards.

So what did I do?

Yes, I followed their lead and mailed crappy products that the creator put no real thought into and whatever other people promoted, I promoted.

But…..I didn’t make much money :(

What next?

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