How to build a WordPress Website

Here we teach you a step by step lesson on how to build a word press website.

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Part Two

Many people view the setting up of a WordPress Website as too technical to even consider engaging into it.  You will find out that it is not as difficult as it looks.  Surely you can have some very impressive looks and layouts without too much technical knowledge.  To my opinion, the construction of a WordPress website falls within the capabilities of the average person.

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Online Business: Fear of scams – Fear of huge income.

 Online Business: Fear of scams and Fear of huge income.

Please raise your hands if you’ve ever felt you wanted to be an online marketer but somehow felt skeptical by the “massive income” they promised you can earn and this has put you off.  Have you also been intimidated by those who have said “Be warned – don’t get involved”.  OK, hands down.

Many times we’ve heard online marketers say “My weekly earnings online are twice (sometimes more) of what I earned during a whole month in a traditional job”. Twice your monthly salary within a week?  Excuse me?  What the heck is going on here?  What could this possibly be?  Scares you right?  Of What?  Scared of the scam or the money or both? [Read more…]

Sucessful Entrepreneurs move forward and don’t look back!

“Daniel, how do I get started”.

Congratulations!!  You have found my page because most probably you’re planning to embark on new highly profitable online business.  You are at the right place.  But don’t be like most people who contemplate new ventures but at the same time have the tendency to look back on their past failures and this is the point where they are defeated.
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