Online Business: Fear of scams – Fear of huge income.

 Online Business: Fear of scams and Fear of huge income.

Please raise your hands if you’ve ever felt you wanted to be an online marketer but somehow felt skeptical by the “massive income” they promised you can earn and this has put you off.  Have you also been intimidated by those who have said “Be warned – don’t get involved”.  OK, hands down.

Many times we’ve heard online marketers say “My weekly earnings online are twice (sometimes more) of what I earned during a whole month in a traditional job”. Twice your monthly salary within a week?  Excuse me?  What the heck is going on here?  What could this possibly be?  Scares you right?  Of What?  Scared of the scam or the money or both?

Today we will address the above-mentioned issues for would-be online entrepreneurs and I am sure the pertinent issues addressed below will contribute to help you assess yourself and allow you to take decisive steps as to whether or not to engage in internet marketing.  This also applies to those who are already involved in internet marketing but somehow are now doubting both themselves and the online business industry because the results achieved to date is far below what was promised.  Well, your decision on whether or not to embark in the Online marketing arena doesn’t have to be a “gamble”.  With the right self analysis based on what we will discuss today, you could easily come to a conclusion without having to rely on others who may be less knowledgeable than you are, to help you decide.


Break the mental block in Online Business

Logical thinking will keep you wondering if it could really be such a massive income.  If yes, why haven’t you seen so many millionaires around you yet?  And how come you are not one yet.  But common sense will also tell you that neither could they be all scams.  Or else they would all have vanished by now.  No scam can get away in the open for so long a time and all the while evading justice.

The debate is on… What do YOU think?  Let us see.

There will always be lovers and haters of online marketing, no matter what.  Many people will regard an online business opportunity as a scam but equally as many will see it as the answer to their financial handicap…. Or is it?  Let us see what’s going on.
There are two types of people in this world. The fearful and the fearless.

The FearfulThe Fearless
They will see failure at first handThey will see opportunity first hand
No confidence in themselves – will rather follow the crowdThey will experiment – see how to do it a better way and take credit for it
Fear of failure is greater than the joy of winningThey focus on their winning strategy and work towards it.
They do not move if they are not pushedThey will attempt to move on their own even if it is risky.
If they fail once – it is enough to give them all they need to criticize and quit.They will keep on even after their third or fourth failure – knowing that they cannot fail all the time
When an opportunity surfaces – they will consult about what others think of the opportunity rather than what they think themselves. They will quickly come to terms of whether they will embark on an opportunity or not.
The word “investment” to them means only 6 and 7-figure amounts. They say they cannot afford.They find investing as the only bridge to take them over to their goals.
They justify their inactions by making reference to others they know have failedThey will model after the pros saying – if they can do it, so can I
They consult those who know little to nothing on any subject.They will engage in forums and ask questions to those who’ve “done it before”
Five years down the road they still have valid excuses why they are still where they areThey give themselves deadlines for accomplishments and ensure deadlines are met.
They are very resistant to change because they will have to learn new things. They regard learning as hard work.They know they cannot turn back the time. The only way forward is to quickly adapt to change and take the leading edge.
They give upThey stick to it until it gets done.


What’s your mindset on Internet marketing

How do you embrace online business ideas?

The above list will clearly show you where you stand.  Fear will compel you to shout “scam” but boldness will urge you to seize the “opportunity”.  So, the way you will classify online business and internet marketing will be entirely dependent on how you see it.  You know, the success of many is in the mind.  Ultimately, the failure also is in the mind.  The difference between whether you succeed or not depends entirely on how the mind perceives whatever comes your way.  As the saying goes, you can either rejoice that the rose plant blossoms such nice flowers despite having thorns underneath, or you can mourn your life out over the fact that it is sad to have thorns underneath such nice roses. But it is still the same rose, yet it has produced different sentiments.

Let’s face it, what you may perceive as an opportunity and success, others may brand it as a scam.  How then do you really get to know which is right?  How can it be “food” for someone and yet be “poison” for someone else?  Either it is food or poison but it cannot be both.

As I said earlier on, the success or failure of a person is in his/her mindset.  Let us take a practical scenario.  Many of you are accustomed to your 9 – 5 routine and taking home your monthly pay packet of, say – $2100 at the end of each month.  Even if you run into financial shortages month after month, you stick to this routine because “everybody else are doing the same thing”.  So this routine is regarded as “normal”.  Suppose I come up to you offering you an online business, earning you $4200 in a week. (Twice your monthly salary).  You will quickly compute this to $16800 per month.  This is eight times your original monthly earnings.  How would you take this in?  Most probably your racing mind may scream “too good to be true”.  “This can’t be”.  You see?  That kind of income may frighten you simply because your mind has already accepted monthly $2100 as “normal”.  You haven’t seen anything like this before and hence, you have difficulties accepting it.

 Figures versus Reality

Figures say you can, but reality remains questionable.  Suppose you were to meet 10 people with that kind of earnings.  Seeing is believing.  It is only then that you may only start to accept that this is possible.  But then, you wonder, if this is really possible, why is it that many people you know who attempted online business have failed?

First, let us consider the fact that the rate of failures in anything that people attempt is far greater than the rate of success.  This means that “out of every ten people” you may see 3 people who succeeded and 7 who failed.  The likeliness that you will bump into failures is much higher than those who succeed.  So you will bump into 7 people telling you that you can’t, compared to only 3 telling you that you can.  This is the point where many “would have been” internet marketing entrepreneurs will fail.  You fail not on the job but before you start because human beings have a compelling inner urge to “follow the crowd”.  You may want to be looked upon as “normal”.  You may want the “approval” and to be “accepted” by the crowd.  So, what you do, instead of comparing your abilities to those who have succeeded, you have the tendency to make reference to others who have failed.  At least this may give you a reason not to start.  If you’ve already started then you may quit.  This is fear at its peak.  Fear of failure.  Fear to earn huge.  Fear of how other will look at you.  Fear of being criticized.

 But do many people fail in online business?

Yes, and it’s not just in online business.  There are many failures in everything people attempt to do, be it sports, politics, studies, relationships, real estate, stocks etc. Initially in my internet marketing career I had very high confidence and a strong belief that I would be successful quickly.  And I am sure many of you who made your emergence in online business entrepreneurship initially felt the same way.  However, I soon realised how steep the learning curve was and ran into obstacles.  I had to learn, learn and learn.  And you know what?  Learning takes time which I didn’t have, and efforts which forced me to sacrifice my leisure time.  Progress was slow at first… or was it?

I could have been moving at a moderately fast pace but I found progress very slow.  Why did I find it slow?  Because I was drowning in debts and my financial situation was in tatters.  I wanted to get paid today.   Slowly it dawned upon me that there were loads to learn and to do.  My payday was not as close to me as I originally thought.  It was out of reach.  But then I had to settle down to study instead.  Excuse me?  Studying?  But this will take time!  And what was my financial survival in the mean time?  I kept borrowing from family members and friends and live on a shoe-string.  The truth is there is no other way through.  Don’t study and you don’t acquire the necessary “know-how” in this industry and you don’t get paid.  Period.  Your internet marketing career is over, yet you are still at the beginning.

I have talked to many people and I have found out that far too many of them also have had the impression that internet marketing, being run over the internet, is supposed to be easy.  Yes, I know there are many unscrupulous marketers who paint internet marketing as “very quick and easy”.  They always famously quote “anybody could do it”.  While it is true that most people will be able to do it, we have to admit that not “anybody” will be able to do it.  This is because there will always be those who will give up, and there is nothing anyone could do about this.  Consequently, those who eventually discover that there’s no such thing as “quick and easy”, they get discouraged and outraged.  I fully understand their point here, because this is not what they were told.

Worse off, they only get to find out the real facts after they have paid their money and joined in.  They find themselves hard-pressed for time and feel “caught” into something they can barely understand.  This in turn creates a “domino” effect on the time frame within which they were supposed to generate their commission.  They either get little, or no results at all.  They shout “scam”.  They criticize.  They get angry.  They become fearful to embrace further attempts and, in the process, they lose the breakthroughs they were searching for to make the financial difference in their lives.

 Internet marketing is as hard as a traditional business, if not tougher.

The true fact is, if it was easy, by now you would have seen so many friends or even family members who would have been well off. You would have seen so many people you know, having the lifestyle you only dream of. But this is not the case at all. Most people want “something for nothing”. “What you sow so shall you reap”. How can you expect to reap big, yet you want to invest very little to no effort and dedication? Online business is a career. You have to learn about how the industry works. Learning takes time and very few of us want to invest time in ourselves. How can you join a venture and expect to know what to do when you have no “no-how” of this business at all. In traditional work employment and business you are required to gain a certain amount of “experience” before you are allowed to take certain responsibilities on your own. This is what is termed “probationary period”.  The assess how fast you gain an understanding of BOTH your job AND the working environment.  How then do you think that this will not apply to internet marketing?  It is the same thing. You should be willing to learn and be coached along your way to success.

The big advantage in the internet marketing industry is that you can reach customers globally and you are not restricted to the limitations of traditional businesses, where they can only reach customers locally. Just about anyone is your potential customer. Your outreach to your customers is now a thousand-fold. This is what makes the vast difference in your earning potential which, when performed effectively, you can earn 20 times what you earned in your job, if not more. The platform on which you are now playing is different from that of traditional businesses or employment. The realm of internet marketing brings massive marketing power at your finger tips. The Internet is a tremendously powerful infrastructure which did not cost you even a dime to put it into place. Yet you have the privilege to use it for your business. But you have to learn. A big and powerful infrastructure does not mean “easy” or “casual”. Precisely it is because of its massive size and power that you really need to learn how to handle it. It’s only after you’ve learned how to manipulate such a massive and powerful machine in your hands that your earnings will reflect what it has to offer you.

 Decide with a peace of mind.

It is not good for you to join an online marketing venture only to start worrying whether or not you will succeed. If this is the case your worries and skepticism will cloud over your breakthroughs and you will be incapable to focus on how your life will be when you have made it big in Internet marketing. You will focus rather on what your life will be like after you have failed. You have to be very watchful of what you put and keep in your mind because your mind has to power to build if you give it the necessary “ingredients” to build but ultimately has the power to destroy if you feed it with the “ingredients” for destruction. If you do not trust either yourself or the online industry, most probably you may be one who would be dominated by fear and consequently you may be one who could be adding to the number of failures. It will be better for you not to join. Do not feel bad about your decision. You have decided in such a way that your mind is at peace.

For those who, even if they are not comfortable to join at first, but have a strong will to change their lifestyle, your mind will be open up to learn and soon enough the discomfort will be over. Remember, this is not only applicable to the online business only. You should recall also that on the first day in your employment you were not at all comfortable around those “strangers” in your workplace and not even with the job itself. But then, this discomfort disappeared eventually. Your will to live a better life will defeat your fears. When fears are eradicated, many things you previously thought not possible now become possible. If you are someone ready to engage in a battle despite petty fears, this means that your desire to give yourself a better life is stronger than anything trying to hold you back. You are not afraid of what may come your way because you are in “fighting” mode. You are ready to crush any obstacles until you get to your destination. Therefore, internet marketing is for you.


What next?

In my next blog post I will be addressing the steps you need to consider when starting an online business. The fears you need to overcome, and yes, what makes it possible to earn twice (even more) your monthly salary in one week. What makes people afraid to earn big and the necessary discipline you may need once you start earning that kind of income.

I hope you find this article helpful and if in the event that you would like to learn more about how our business model empowers people in internet marketing just CLICK HERE and once you’ve been through the whole process you would be in a better position to compare to other business models and also to decide whether or not it’s an industry that’s for you.

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