Internet Marketing – Fascinating From The Outside But Tough On The Inside

ImageNo one likes to lose money. Moreover, the pain threshold of some people is greater than it is with others. If you’re considering an investment in Internet Marketing and the thought of a loss upsets you, you probably shouldn’t invest.

Although there are numerous details and caveats, this article will help you understand the basics of Internet Marketing and why it’s here to stay. Let’s take a look behind the veil and see if it’s the right fit for you.

What is Internet Marketing?

Also called online marketing, internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools and strategies such as content, email, search, paid media, and more, to help drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Internet Marketing is broader than that but here I’m talking only about the necessary components needed to get going.  And the fact that you can reach millions of people as your target customers, this makes it very powerful indeed.

It’s amazing that there’s no restrictions on who can (or cannot) harness the power of the internet to drive their business activities.  Hence, the gate is open to anyone who wants to walk through the Internet Marketing Industry albeit not everyone will be able to make it.

At first glance, Internet Marketing is alluring to many people because of the power it has to reach out to prospective customers at every corner of the globe.  This is simply awesome for any business or individual who wish to trade over the internet.

But it’s important to have a look at both sides of the picture so that you can have a firm understanding if it’s for you.  Many people tend to look at only the sizes, or volumes of revenue that online businesses as well as individuals generate.  Whilst it is true that they make into the millions of dollars, there is a serious oversight on the volume of work that needs to be invested in it before you get there.

And what make things worse, many internet marketers advertise only about how much money you can make.  They know that everyone wants to make it big.  And this is precisely why they fuel your emotions into making you think about how wonderful life will be if you’re earning the way they are.  And mind you, they do give you solid proof of what they’ve made.

Now, very few of us really take note of the other side of the picture.  Once they have managed to fix your focus solely on the money, you’ll be oblivious of the hidden volume of work that needs to be invested into your business before you can earn like the elites.  The marketers don’t mention about this.  If they do, they seldom do.


Simply because they know that Internet Marketing is a tough venture.

If you would like to have a clear idea of what I’m talking about here, just glance at the image below:

Both sides illustration of Internet Marketing

Is it clear now?  What you see is not what you get.  The success of EVERY HUMAN BEING  begins in the mind.  Had you known both sides of the story beforehand, you could have mustered the required mental tenacity as well as determination and the required commitment to engage yourself with the proper mindset of “NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES, I GONNA GET THERE”.

This is in direct contrast to the majority of you who are caught unprepared.  It’s all too common to find yourself at a crossroad, not knowing where and how to proceed from there.  At this point you cannot decide if you’re gonna be in or out.  You’re past this decisive stage now, because you’re already invested and already in. It could have helped you greatly if you had seen both sides of this industry prior to making your decision, right?

Each and every one of us have common sense.  But it’s amazing how and why people rely on the common sense of someone else before they can decide what’s best for them.  Let’s get this straight:

1. Where on earth do you think you can make “big money” (I’m talking multiple six figures per year) WITHOUT having to work BIG? Do you think this make sense?

2. Why do so many people allow themselves to be fooled with the perception of “easy money”? Is there any such thing as easy money?  Once again I don’t understand why people buy this?

3. Why is it that so many Internet Marketing businesses are either perceived or labelled as Internet Scams? How did this come about?

Now I will answer each of the above questions which I’m sure will give you a clearer understanding of the other side of the picture:


There’s no such thing of making big money WITHOUT having to work “big”.  Yes, you will see some very impressive figures by individuals who invite you to join their Internet Business ventures.  But, believe me, you won’t make that kind of figures at the beginning.

You know it already… in EVERYTHING that you engage yourself into, your output will depend on the volume and level of your input.  You work “BIG” and you earn “BIG”.  That’s it.  You work “small” and you earn “small”.  You don’t work at all and you earn nothing.  There’s a saying that goes “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

Why do people want to get something for nothing.  And you know something?  The majority of human beings are like that.  And the sad fact is that.., you may be one of them.

Let’s compare it to a practical life experience.  Many of you have had employment experience.  Even if you aspired to be managers, you were not appointed during the early stages, were you?  Simply because you had not gathered enough experience and “know-how” of the job at the beginning, right?  But eventually, yes you made it to the top and, yes you earned “big employment salary”.

Don’t think in business is any different.  Don’t be led to think that you’ll earn “BIG MONEY” right out of the gate.., you won’t.  There are many functions that you will need to learn and you should be prepared to be trained and exercise relentless self-discipline to handle the different mechanisms that you’ll need to automate your business.  This will take some time to grasp.  It’s only then, and only then, that you’ll start to climb up the ladder of multiple six-figure earnings.


“Easy money” doesn’t exist.  Keep away from marketers or individuals who try to convince you that you can make some easy money.., false.  They use the term “Push Button” to get you into thinking that generating a sizeable income that will really make the difference in your lifestyle is as easy as pushing a button, just because you’re using the massive power of the Internet.

Let me explain something to you.  It is true that the Internet Marketing Industry, being an industry that is heavily driven by computers and Information Technology, provides amazing platforms of how you can automate so many functions of your business and it “looks” like technology is running your business by itself.

But before the network of computers will:

1. Communicate with customers to promote your products through something that’s called a Sales Funnel,

2. Collect your sales revenues through online payments and depositing them into your bank account,

For all these to happen, there should be a strong thinking mind behind all those functions in order to get them going.  Otherwise your computers and your tech are not super cool.

Guys, before you get to that stage, you really have to embrace the learning curve of handling different technological platforms in Internet Marketing.  You need them and you need to learn how to handle them.  If you’re not innovative and be willing to change various ways of doing things, you’re at the wrong place.  It takes a knack to get to where things “seem” to be running by themselves.  This will not happen at the beginning, I’m afraid.  So, it’s not so “easy”.



You may be reluctant to join in Internet Marketing because the image of the Internet Marketing Industry has been tarnished as Internet scams.  This is unfortunate.  Yes, there are scammers over the Internet.  So are there in every other types of businesses, whether they operate online or not.

You are lured into getting into the so called “Easy money” effective programs and sure enough you came up with the mindset of generating easy money without having to work.  Of course you won’t earn any because you’ve not worked.  And you did not work because it was supposed to be “easy”.  But things did not happen for you because when you joined, you found a completely different picture on the inside which stark contrasted the one you saw on the outside.

The result?  You start shouting “foul”, “scam”, “Ponzi scheme” and all sorts.  Can you imagine so many others who’ve been through the same dilemma and they are shouting out the same fouls to yet every other person that comes their way?

Don’t be surprised if one of your trusted friends who’ve never even had the slightest knowledge of what Internet Marketing really is all about, will be more than ready to shout “scam”, just at the mention of “Internet Marketing”.  Don’t blame him.  It’s most likely that he’s bumped into “one of those” who’ve had a bad experience at their attempt at Internet Marketing.

Do yourself a favour and read this article if you’d like a clearer understanding about scams, or not scams.


Internet Marketing is a highly profitable industry.  But in my article here, I would like to educated you as much as I can, before you decide to join or not to join.  And this applies not only to the Internet Marketing industry but to any other types of ventures as well.

Regardless of whatever program that you’re contemplating to join, our aim is to help you focus on getting prepared on the work commitment first.  THIS IS UTTERLY IMPORTANT.  Once you’ve grasped and completely settled on ANY TYPE of workload, then your output will be super cool.

The biggest flaw lies with the marketing styles of far too many Internet Marketers.  They market how BIG the money you can generate but no mention about the serious challenges involved.  That’s unfortunate.

My objective in this article here, is to advise you the other way round.  JUST KNOW that there’s a sizeable volume of hidden workloads and quite a steep learning curve that you’ll first need to engage yourself into.  It’s only then that you’ll be on the stage to earn BIG.  Or else, you might as well forget it.

In this way, if you know your time is limited or you’re apprehensive to embark on the challenges and the much needed work commitments to bring about the long awaited change of your lifestyle, you’ll do good to keep out.  Internet Marketing may not be for you.

Give careful thinking before you get involved in any business model.  Focus on the work first and the money will have no options but to start rolling in.  Far too many people failed because they focused on the money first and NOT WHAT IT TAKES  to generate that money.  I don’t blame them because this is how they’ve been led to think.  The approach was wrong, and not surprisingly, they got it wrong!

I don’t want to get this post too long and I’d prefer to stop here.  But it doesn’t end here.  Watch out for my coming posts on the same subjects which I hope will go a long way to get you settled in making up firm decisions.  Cheers!

Daniel Port-Louis


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